Just back from the past

Wow….you never know what you’ll find when you open boxes in your basement. Oy.

My mother was a saver. She saved big stuff, like all our projects. But she also saved crazy stuff, like papers from our school telling when the next parent-faculty club meeting was. She saved, well, everything. So, when we moved to this house, I actually threw away a lot of the parent-faculty club meeting notices and the like, and saved the good stuff. Mind you, it’s in dozens of different boxes in our basement, for various reasons, but it’s here.

So, today, when I went looking for something entirely different, I found two folders of “News” from second grade. They were four-line reports of what was going on that day, in January and February 1972. Mundane, trivial stuff. But the names included were the treasures….one of them a friend I haven’t seen in years. Another whose children ended in the same school classes as mine. Another one currently our neighbor who was our school librarian in 1972. I shot some photos of the pages and posted them on Facebook, tagging those I could. Comments abounded quickly. Everyone enjoys a trip backward every once in a while.

In the big world, it’s these little things, these little trips to the past, that stand out at the end of a day. I don’t advise anyone spend too terribly long going back….it can be so painful. But today’s short trip was fun, and fun to share it with others.

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