Month: March 2016

Back in the studio

Well, it’s been a tough, busy last six months, with the heartbreaking loss of my dad in August, but I’m back in my studio. Spent the fall sewing quilts for Christmas, and in November created this Christmas card — my first foray into card-making! Loved the whole experience, especially the arrival of the box at 8:45 p.m. the night it said it would arrive. As the evening wore on, I kept telling Mark, “Well, it’s not coming. I guess it’s just not coming today like it said. Bummer….” And when the spry, happy UPS delivery guy showed up well after dark, I wanted to hug him.


“Christmas Dream”  Gouache on watercolor paper, 2015

This is my first piece entirely in gouache, which I really enjoyed using. I loved creating our two dogs in a snowy landscape, something they’ve never (and probably never will!) experience, living here in California!

I also participated in a great workshop on abstract and modern art last month via Skillshare with a great instructor named Nicole Arnold, and created THIS:


“On Pink”  Acrylic  2016

We were to use a Kandinsky piece for inspiration, and I used “On White,” but strayed pretty far from that piece. I just had a great time creating abstract art, yet again. Anyone interested in modern art should look up Nicole on Skillshare. You can also visit her here: Nicole Arnold’s blog

I just told the folks at Skillshare that I love losing track of time working in my studio while something wonderful is playing on the speakers. Here’s to more of that.