100 Days

So, last month, I find out as it’s starting that there’s a cool thing on Instagram called The 100-Day Project (#the100dayproject). It began April 19 and goes through July 27. And, it’s pretty much what its name states: 100 days of some kind of creative endeavor. Every day. For, yes, 100 days. 

So I decided to do a pencil-on-paper sketch of some sort every day. Because life chomps at your heels some days, I admit I’ve fallen woefully behind at points in this first 17 days, but at this moment I’m caught up. The proof is at inkbottlestudio on Instagram. Above is yesterday’s contribution.

However, now I’m trying to decide if I want to switch to some other medium for the second 20 days. Maybe pen and ink. Maybe watercolor. I have three days to figure it out. Or, maybe I’ll go 25 with my pencil, which would buy me a week to decide. Damn. Who knew creativity could be so tough.

If you eventually see 50 pencil sketches, you’ll know my love of graphite outweighed my decision-making skills. I’m just glad I heard about it in time to join in…even if I do fall behind here and there. Trust me, it’ll happen again…

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