Month: June 2016

Mondrian in May

May was a busy month…had to end my school year early to undergo surgery in late May. We all know trying to cram the same amount of work into fewer days results in, at the very least, exhaustion, and most likely, crabbiness. I raise my hand, yes, to both here. However, in addition to my work-related obligations, I was bent on finishing the Mondrian-inspired piece I had started — and I did it!


Based on Mondrian’s Fox Trot B, our task, again under the tutelage of Nicole Arnold on Skillshare, was to recreate part of a Mondrian and then alter or personalize it in some way. I was pleased to have finished this — part of it before and part of it after surgery.

And now that I’m back up and around a bit more normally, I have re-committed to catching up on the 100-Day Project. I am up to Day 22, still 20 days behind, but I’m going to keep sketching till I catch up, and then I’m just going to keep going.